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Liquid Visions - 2002 - Hypnotized

We are in the land of hallucinogenic mushrooms and psychedelia. Liquid Visions started in december 1994. They come from Berlin. Their first concerts were in may 95, the line-up did change a lot at this time. From February 1998 up to 2004 they played in the same line-up. Concert highlights were the open-air in Prague and Hanfparade in 1999 and 2000 as well as the Swamp Room Happening in 99&2000.

They disbanded in 2004 and the band members are now either in Zone Six or Weltraumstaunen or having a baby break (at least the female dancer Kat).

Here is a preview i found on the internet:
From Aural Innovations no.20, July 2002.
Wow... that is all I can say to start. This is the first CD release by the German psychedelic rock band from Berlin in three years. Their other releases have been on vinyl only and either cover songs or long freakout jams. This also features quite a new line up of the band from the previous recorded material. The digipack CD has great psychedelic artwork and contains a picture of the band and all the lyrics.

"State Of Mind" starts the CD and stays in the traditon of the band in that they successfully create good melodies and a 60's music vibe while retaining a more modern sound. Some great freakout guitar and studio effects. Clearly, the first two songs are targeted for a broader listening audience as they are in the 5 minute range, while all the rest of the songs on the CD are 7 to 15 minutes long. This is a great CD and for sure the best thing the band has ever recorded. Strong songs with good melodies but still plenty of psychedelia for the fans and some really experimental stuff at times as well. I was really taken by the almost heavy metal guitar riff in Paralyzed at the end. Great spaced out song. One of the best psychdelic CDs of the year for sure!
Scott Heller

What is left for me to say is that i really regret that they disbanded cos they are actually one of my favourite contemporary psychedelic bands. When i listen to Zone Six i cant link anything with LIQUID VISIONS and when i listen to WELTRAUMSTAUNEN i must say that they are definitely better than Zone Six but by far not as good as Liquid Visions. Liquid Visions are far more original! Well, at least The Lost Recordings come out, supposedly in spring 2006 (!), at least that's what their homepage says...>>>Lost Recordings 1998-2000! I am looking forward to it. I hope you too!
their homepage

track list:

1. State Of Mind 4:55
2. Waste 4:41
3. Butterflight 7:44
4. Believe 6:49
5. Morning Rain 10:07
6. Paralyzed 15:13

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Anonymous HP(Liquid Visions) said...

Someone isn't informed,
in fact the line up from 1998 till 2000 was with Robert,Dave,Steffen and HP( As seen on the new release the lost recordings).Then from 2000 till Jan 2004 the lie up was Kat (who plays also Theremin on organ) Dave, Chris, Kiryk and HP.. Then till the last concert 31,12,04 the line up was Erik,Chris, Kiryk,Kat and HP.
Right at the moment we're pausing and looking forward to carry on in 2007 in different line up.
Greets...HP( Liquid Visions)

1:35 PM  

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