Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Liquid Visions - 1999 - Overstellar Interdrive 7"

track list:

1. Overstellar Interdrive 5:54
2. Hazy Lady 2:14 (different version than the one on their st album)
3. Room Sixteen 3:24

line-up: (forgot to provide it in my first post below!)

Hans-Peter Ringholz - guitar, vocals
Kiryk Drewinski - guitar, vocals
Dave Schmidt - bass
Chris Schwartzkinsky - drums
Katja Wolf - theremin, dance performance

This 7 inch EP is limited to 500 copies! It is sold out now but here you can get at least the mp3s which have an excellent bitrate (@320!) except for hazy lady which has 256. Overstellar Interdrive is ovbiously in the style of Pink Floyd's interstellar overdrive and you can hear that. Distinct is the awesome bass and the guitar work is just excellent. Indeed a top notch track! Hazy Lady can also be heard on Liquid Vision's self-titled album which was released in 1998. I like this version better tho, but that's certainly a matter of taste. Anyway, this one is faster. The track is a clear tribute to Jimi Hendrix and has turned out well imo.
Room Sixteen reminded me of the Ventures and is also a nice track, i can just repeat how i like the bass, but actually i can't listen to that kind of music very long cos i miss the lyrics. That's what i discovered when i listend to the ventures for the very first time, too. I provided a liquid visions picture collection for you :-). Coming more by this band soon! Have a nice day! By Timospsychedelicious

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