Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sula Bassana - 2002 - Dreamer

track list:

1 Dreamer 5:49
2 Dealer McDope 4:50
3 My Blue Guitar 7:41
4 Nervenlaehmung (Ende Seite 1) 4:15
5 Ananda 12:45
6 Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major 9:29


Dave Schmidt
Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers, Mellotron, Organ; Sitar; Drums;
Drumsampler; Computer; Flutes

Sula Bassana and The Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band: Vol. 1 Nasoni Records (nasoni 048)
I can swear right away that this will be one of the best psych albums in 2006. The Germans have really done their best. This album was released to celebrate the 10th year birthday of Nasoni, and the players are all close and loyal friends of Nasoni from bands Sula Bassana, Liquid Visions, Johnson Noise, Weltraumstaunen etc. Hans-Georg, who`s apparently recovering well from his heart surgery at the moment, is just the person to whom this kind of divine album should be dedicated to. This amazing album has eight journeys into inner space, each better than the other. Just when you think the track you`re listening to must be the best, you realize the next one is at least as good! There is, of course, some excellent psychedelic guitars on the album played by Dave Schmidt (I`ve always thought that he`s mainly a bass player), very well working vocals, organ, mellotron and several other, nice, mind-expanding instruments. The album is started with the heavy and warped "Slowner" that instantly takes you away. A nice, twisted garage mood, and the track also features one interesting home-made instrumentÉ I love the way the organ is mixed to the fore and the fuzz sound works very well and the vocals are highly hypnotic. This is a totally excellent song that takes you into a trance! "The Terrascrew" begins with a frightening mellotron thing and psychedelic samples, and then the killer 60`s/70`s acid rock groove kicks in. This track has tight playing and is danceable. This could well be Liquid Visions. Then we float in an airy 5/4 time with the track "Ridin´". Very pleasant and catching stuff. There`s just the perfect amount of UFO sounds and effects. Towards the end we get into the hypnotic quality of the original kraut rock. A truly magnificent track. The A side of the vinyl (thanks Hans-Georg!) finishes with "Go!" that is a bit Gong-like, delay guitar based, hypnotic and mesmerising track that has a nice, bit jazzy touch. The drums work like crazy! The B side begins in a peaceful and acoustic spirit. "The Night After" is the title of the track. Deep, folky floating and a totally excellent track this one too. The track grows slowly into superb and sad, hypnotic jam that has mind-expanding whispering. The guitars play also backward in the end. The shorter "Pay fro Freedom" is a funny, rapid and wacky song that has a very cheerful feel. Very good! "Daydreams", on the other hand, is a laid-back, melancholic, pretty and 60`s styled ballad. Great, soft vocals and the mellotron consummate the unbelievable atmosphere. The album`s last track "Emmerting Spring" is an ambient landscape spiced with bird-song and it crowns the perfect masterpiece and leaves the listener in a pleasant, relaxed haze. If you`re only going to buy one psych album this year, it could well be this one.
Reviewed by Dj Astro for PsychotropicZone

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