Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Weltraumstaunen - 1999 - Weltraumstaunen LP

track list:

1. Pollenflug 6:29
2. Clockline 7:14
3. Kraut 7:51
4. Astonished Like The Universe 21:36
5. Last Flight 4:33


Dave Schmidt - bass, drums, organ, synthy, effects, guitars
Andi Heinrich - vocals
Silk Heinrich - guitars

This band project from Berlin features members of the Liquid Visions and the Growing Seeds. Purest space rock and psychedelia, deeply influenced by Pink Floyd and Hawkwind.
"Pollenflug" is a good start for your space journey. Guitars sound as soft as butter and there is so much variation that it is just a pleasure to listen to every instrument. Main structures come and go and there is always a psychy and spacey floating atmosphere accompanied with perfect drums, bass and guitar work. No vocals were used here tho, pity actually."Clockline" reminded me a bit of Sonic Youth at the beginning (vocals)...then this trippy insane effects come and the psychspacey vibes follow..."das gibts doch nicht, das ist doch unmöglich = that just can't be, that's impossible"...new structures, slightly increased now and then the speed decreases again and increases, guitar solos...great! Drums stop, psychey and spacey effects end this track...like a little explosion."Kraut"starts with a slow increase till the
fuzzy guitars come and let this track hover for a while...awesome guitar explosion! Floating guitar work...then the hammond organ or whatever organ it is comes, a great one anyway! Guitar soli...an accompanying structure...hammond organ only now and some voices in the background (yes!)...short floating chorus...hammond organ again and then the increase of the drums...psychspacey effects together with super guitar work, wow! Strange and exciting sounds and effects...sudden end! Awesome, that's all i can say to that track. "Astonished Like The Universe" starts as if you were in a spaceshuttle, electronic sounds are to be heard now and then, here and there, very changing...echo voices and trembling psychspacey effects, fantastic! Floating vibes everywhere, this is just a wonderful space journey. Ah, i love it :-)))."Last Flight"...well, sounds like our journey has come to an end after this track...Voices are more distinct now and the chants are being exhaled...nice psychedelicious guitar...all is on one level now...the psychedelic wind (wow!)...all over now, silence! hahaha, this was fun, definitely...i think i am gonna do that again as soon as i find the time. Really great to listen to every single detail, hope you could follow me :-))) By Timospsychedelicious

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pw: timospsychedelicious


Blogger Kosminen Tee said...

After reading your introduction to this one, I was convinced that this is like... WOW. Thanks!

11:08 PM  
Anonymous CB said...

This is incredible, for 1999 read 1969 and faust/amon duul/can mashed up in a psychedelic blender. Superb and thank you very much.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous CB said...

..........oh yes, and of course Pink Floyd and Hawkwind :)

12:51 PM  
Anonymous CB said...

Wonderful thank you.

10:00 AM  

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