Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bröselmaschine - 1971 - Bröselmaschine

track list:

1. Gedanken 5:06
2. Lassie 5:06
3. Gitarrenstück 2:05
4. The Old Man's Song 5:26
5. Schmetterling 9:31
6. Bossa Nova 8:06


Lutz Ringer - Bass, Mellotron
Peter Bursch - Guitar, Vocals, Sitar, Flute
Jenni Schucker - Flute, Vocals
Willi Kissmer - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Hellbach - Congas, Tablas, Mellotron


Quite possibly the pinnacle of Krautfolk, Broselmaschine is certainly tops
in the folk subgenre and is recommended to those interested in the lighter
side of Krautrock. Broselmaschine combines the highly talented acoustic
guitar playing of Peter Bursch (a master of the instrument who has
published many instructional books on the subject), romantic vocals, and a
mild Eastern influence highlighted by the use of sitar and flute. The
album begins with 'Gedanken', a peaceful track with a slight
renaissance-era feel, featuring acoustic and electric guitar, flute and
romantic lyrics. Next the group performs the Scottish traditional 'Lassie'
with multi-tracked vocal harmonies. Next, 'Guitarrenstuck', is a beautiful
piece played with folk guitar and a soothing female vocal. 'The Old Man's
Song' seems slightly out of place due to its use of wah-wah peddle, but
this gives way to some rather ominous sounding Duul-ish acoustic guitar
and folk percussion. 'Schmetterling' introduces an Eastern flavor to the
album and is most notable for its sitar which reminds me a little bit of
mid-period Popol Vuh. Bursch's guitar playing on this track is simply
masterful and the track is given an extra boost from some atmospheric
mellotron. 'Nossa Bova' stands out as a folk masterpiece with its
incredible guitar work, folk percussion, and female vocals. This track has
a peaceful quality similar to Paradieswarts Duul, the only difference
being the musical ability of Broselmaschine's members. The album was
produced by Rolf Ulrich Kaiser and engineered by Dieter Dierks and was
first issued on Pilz in 1971.

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Anonymous pat said...

this band is really good!i m curious about others lps from this guys!thanks for this!have a nice and sunshine day

12:37 AM  
Blogger savoadaki said...

Just recently found your blog. I still don't know much about krautrock but this information should be helpful. I rather like some of the music I've heard so far. I especially like your accompanying discussion that helps to educate us.

2:15 PM  

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