Friday, August 04, 2006

Sameti - 1972 - Sameti
Reissue of 1st album by this German group from 1972 (originally on Brain). With connections to Embryo and Amon Duul II, this is pretty cool twin guitar heavy dunt rock, with a 22 minute improv blast at the end that wouldn't be out of place on Dance of the Lemmings.

Sameti was created in Munich in 1971 after Christian "Shrat" Thiele had left Amon Duul II. Their first album consists of one side long improvisation: "Anotherwaytosee", and one side of four semi-structured works. The music itself has similarities with Amon Duul II, but is less imaginative. Their lyrics apparently dealt with their personal habits:

"I'm used to smoke - slipped into my music I'm used to stumble through my stoney days Come over big fat brother joint Come touch my body A long life to that stoned hero"
@224 kb/s, 5 tracks, 69 mb
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hello timo,super album many thanks! Have a nice day

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