Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nosferatu - 1970 - Nosferatu
Amongst the most obscure of Krautrock bands, due to being so early and on an unlikely label. In their early days they were fronted by guitarist/vocalist Michael Winzkowski (who went on to Epsilon), but apart from that, nothing is known of their history, except that winds player Christian Felke also guested later with Epsilon. Nosferatu's sole eponymous album was housed in a sinister bizarre cover, that perfectly captured the dark edge of their music, being an atypical Krautrock fusion betwixt Xhol Caravan, Message and Out Of Focus, hinting at British bands like Gravy Train or Jade Warrior. For 1970, they were pioneers, unusual in how Michael Thierfelder's vocals are often sung across the music, which so often tends to surge out into space, fronted by the dual solo instruments of guitar and sax.

Michael 'Mick' Thierfelder (vocals), Christian Felke (sax, flute), Michael 'Mike" Kessler (bass), Reinhard 'Tammy' Grohe (organ), Michael 'Xner' Meixner (guitar), Byally Braumann (drums)

The first time, I heard them, they were auditioning together with several other new groups, all managed by the young and ambitious German promoter Peter Hauke. I was so enthousiastic about NOSFERATU'S splendid musical ideas and their irresisteble drive that I signed them immediately for "Deutsche Vogue" and cut this album a few weeks later.

Don't let me describe their music - all selfpenned -, just listen and enjoy it as much, as Conny (the engineer) and me did, when we recorded this first step into the recording business of the unusually gifted, young German group NOSFERATU!

Thanks to Tony Henrik for this very nice review! There you go, Pat! :-)

@192 kbit/s, 6 tracks, 63 mb, cover included, have fun ;-)
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Anonymous pat said...

hello timo,thanks for this nice gift!this album is so great! good night my friend

1:58 PM  
Blogger Beathoven said...


Last week it was Krautrock night over at Rockpalast.The problem with this great show is, they broadcast it at night.Since I don't have a dvd recorder I was not able to record it.Any chance one of you guys/girls did?
Great blog you have here Timo!
Greetz from Belgium.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Pedro said...

Timo great albums by Nosferatu and Cosmic Jokers!
Can you post Can.Out of Reach(1978) and Can-Can(1979)
Much thanks,Pedro from Portugal

2:52 PM  
Blogger Beathoven said...


Great album,thanks for this gem!

7:40 PM  
Blogger Orie said...

Do you have MSN messenger?

10:44 AM  

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