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Bröselmaschine - 1971 - Bröselmaschine

track list:

1. Gedanken 5:06
2. Lassie 5:06
3. Gitarrenstück 2:05
4. The Old Man's Song 5:26
5. Schmetterling 9:31
6. Bossa Nova 8:06


Lutz Ringer - Bass, Mellotron
Peter Bursch - Guitar, Vocals, Sitar, Flute
Jenni Schucker - Flute, Vocals
Willi Kissmer - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Hellbach - Congas, Tablas, Mellotron


Quite possibly the pinnacle of Krautfolk, Broselmaschine is certainly tops
in the folk subgenre and is recommended to those interested in the lighter
side of Krautrock. Broselmaschine combines the highly talented acoustic
guitar playing of Peter Bursch (a master of the instrument who has
published many instructional books on the subject), romantic vocals, and a
mild Eastern influence highlighted by the use of sitar and flute. The
album begins with 'Gedanken', a peaceful track with a slight
renaissance-era feel, featuring acoustic and electric guitar, flute and
romantic lyrics. Next the group performs the Scottish traditional 'Lassie'
with multi-tracked vocal harmonies. Next, 'Guitarrenstuck', is a beautiful
piece played with folk guitar and a soothing female vocal. 'The Old Man's
Song' seems slightly out of place due to its use of wah-wah peddle, but
this gives way to some rather ominous sounding Duul-ish acoustic guitar
and folk percussion. 'Schmetterling' introduces an Eastern flavor to the
album and is most notable for its sitar which reminds me a little bit of
mid-period Popol Vuh. Bursch's guitar playing on this track is simply
masterful and the track is given an extra boost from some atmospheric
mellotron. 'Nossa Bova' stands out as a folk masterpiece with its
incredible guitar work, folk percussion, and female vocals. This track has
a peaceful quality similar to Paradieswarts Duul, the only difference
being the musical ability of Broselmaschine's members. The album was
produced by Rolf Ulrich Kaiser and engineered by Dieter Dierks and was
first issued on Pilz in 1971.

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Polytoxicomane Philharmonie - 2004 - Psycho Erectus
1. Entry 1:01
2. Flight 858 10:48
3. Poisonous moth 6:12
4. Pink Noise 3:56
5. Sulphur 9:47
6. Too sad, Lady Mushroom 4:36
7. Lokus Pokus 9:43
8. Chanson verte 10:06
9. Kronos, vomiting a child 4:49
10. Fuddle pie & puddle fie 7:03
11. Lizard - Song 9:48

Polytoxicomane Philharmonie is a bunch of weird guys from Germany, hidden somewhere in the woods around Frankfurt, enjoying every minute of life and also making music now and then. According to their (nick)names they are not that serious about what they are doing, anyway the line-up has changed a lot during the last years. Their music can not be described in one word: psychedelic, space-rock, jazz-rock, kraut-rock, ambient and even a bit folky. A track like Fuddle Pie & Puddle Fie can be easily compared with the works of Frank Zappa, both textually as musically.

There are female and male vocals and very often it is all about the spoken word, like in Sulphur and La Chanson Verte. Lokus Pokus has an Eastern exotic flavour, while the horns make it evolve towards jazz-rock, not seldom the music of Soft Machine comes to my mind during this track. Besides, there is manual for the cd on their site, mentioning the different rhythm patterns (7/4, 11/4, 6/4, 15/8 and so on..), you have to be a keen musician to understand everything. And maybe this is the problem for this kind of music, so much is happening, perhaps too much, which makes it less recognizable and some tracks begin to resemble each other. Naturally, a lot is due to this particular music style, often the tracks are escalating in nervous playing saxophones (cfr. also Gong), like for example in ‘Chanson Verte’, in the second part of the song you can hear suddenly some spacey Porcupine Tree-like music. In fact I encounter a lot of nice fragments, interesting guitar solos, but without true highlights, luckily there are no real drawbacks neither. I am convinced that ‘Psycho Erectus’ will certainly appeal to certain progressive rock fans, especially those that are into the small world of RIO, Canterbury scène and other experimental rock.


Howling Mad Fishli : vocals, spacewhisper, spaceguitar, soundeffects
Commander I.M. Crab : vocals, guitar, heroic speech
Matelot au vin : woodwinds, juggle with horns - simulating the "Puke Bernemton Orchestra"
The Emir of Quaver : drums, vocals on "Too sad, Lady Mushroom"
Wum : guitars, hair-style
Onkel : bass, E-piano, keys, soundeffects, whip
Steve Jeewee : guitar on "Lokus Pokus"

my opinion: outstanding german psychedelia, very catchy melodies, very much genres mixed together, uncomparable and definitely worth listening to! Wonderful covers! Highly recommended!
>>> homepage

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Bokaj Retsiem - 1968 - Psychedelic Underground

track listing:

1. SO BAD 6´04
3. IT`S OVER 4´21
4. ONLY A CHILD 00´53
5. SAD BOKAJ 00´50
6. I`M SO AFRAID 3´38
8. BOSSA BOKAJ 00´30
9. PILL 4´49
11.DRIFTING 4´39

Tripped out 1968 German release reissued by the guys from Gear Fab. A kind of prog/psych exploitation album it's a trippy mixture of wailing guitars, chunky Hammond organ fills, strange lyrics and distorted effects. Everything is panned all over the stereo spectrum and the lyrics are teen-drug weirdness. If you love Blue Phantom, Ugly Custard, and early '70s European psych then check this out. It's awesome. Thick card sleeve and 180 gram vinyl! Source: freakemporium

Mr. Rainer Degner, previously the guitarist of the sixties beat group German Bonds, had a passion for the old German children's song "Meister Jakob". In fact, this is also the real name of this studio project (with session musicians), but due to the arrival of psychedelia, strange things were happening, and the letters 'bokaj retsiem' must be reversed to make any sense! Degner's album included some absolutely perverse arrangements of "Meister Jakob", but also some great acid guitar parts in the typical late sixties style. One of the few German psychedelic albums in existence, and for this reason a quite interesting and uncommon item! Members of The Rattles also contributed to this album. It is also worth mentioning that his old fellows in German Bonds, Peter Hecht and Dieter Horns, also made several strange albums under pseudonym beside their normal career in Lucifer's Friend. Source: tmachine.chat.ru

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Weltraumstaunen - 1999 - Weltraumstaunen LP

track list:

1. Pollenflug 6:29
2. Clockline 7:14
3. Kraut 7:51
4. Astonished Like The Universe 21:36
5. Last Flight 4:33


Dave Schmidt - bass, drums, organ, synthy, effects, guitars
Andi Heinrich - vocals
Silk Heinrich - guitars

This band project from Berlin features members of the Liquid Visions and the Growing Seeds. Purest space rock and psychedelia, deeply influenced by Pink Floyd and Hawkwind.
"Pollenflug" is a good start for your space journey. Guitars sound as soft as butter and there is so much variation that it is just a pleasure to listen to every instrument. Main structures come and go and there is always a psychy and spacey floating atmosphere accompanied with perfect drums, bass and guitar work. No vocals were used here tho, pity actually."Clockline" reminded me a bit of Sonic Youth at the beginning (vocals)...then this trippy insane effects come and the psychspacey vibes follow..."das gibts doch nicht, das ist doch unmöglich = that just can't be, that's impossible"...new structures, slightly increased now and then the speed decreases again and increases, guitar solos...great! Drums stop, psychey and spacey effects end this track...like a little explosion."Kraut"starts with a slow increase till the
fuzzy guitars come and let this track hover for a while...awesome guitar explosion! Floating guitar work...then the hammond organ or whatever organ it is comes, a great one anyway! Guitar soli...an accompanying structure...hammond organ only now and some voices in the background (yes!)...short floating chorus...hammond organ again and then the increase of the drums...psychspacey effects together with super guitar work, wow! Strange and exciting sounds and effects...sudden end! Awesome, that's all i can say to that track. "Astonished Like The Universe" starts as if you were in a spaceshuttle, electronic sounds are to be heard now and then, here and there, very changing...echo voices and trembling psychspacey effects, fantastic! Floating vibes everywhere, this is just a wonderful space journey. Ah, i love it :-)))."Last Flight"...well, sounds like our journey has come to an end after this track...Voices are more distinct now and the chants are being exhaled...nice psychedelicious guitar...all is on one level now...the psychedelic wind (wow!)...all over now, silence! hahaha, this was fun, definitely...i think i am gonna do that again as soon as i find the time. Really great to listen to every single detail, hope you could follow me :-))) By Timospsychedelicious

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Sula Bassana - 2002 - Dreamer

track list:

1 Dreamer 5:49
2 Dealer McDope 4:50
3 My Blue Guitar 7:41
4 Nervenlaehmung (Ende Seite 1) 4:15
5 Ananda 12:45
6 Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major 9:29


Dave Schmidt
Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers, Mellotron, Organ; Sitar; Drums;
Drumsampler; Computer; Flutes

Sula Bassana and The Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band: Vol. 1 Nasoni Records (nasoni 048)
I can swear right away that this will be one of the best psych albums in 2006. The Germans have really done their best. This album was released to celebrate the 10th year birthday of Nasoni, and the players are all close and loyal friends of Nasoni from bands Sula Bassana, Liquid Visions, Johnson Noise, Weltraumstaunen etc. Hans-Georg, who`s apparently recovering well from his heart surgery at the moment, is just the person to whom this kind of divine album should be dedicated to. This amazing album has eight journeys into inner space, each better than the other. Just when you think the track you`re listening to must be the best, you realize the next one is at least as good! There is, of course, some excellent psychedelic guitars on the album played by Dave Schmidt (I`ve always thought that he`s mainly a bass player), very well working vocals, organ, mellotron and several other, nice, mind-expanding instruments. The album is started with the heavy and warped "Slowner" that instantly takes you away. A nice, twisted garage mood, and the track also features one interesting home-made instrumentÉ I love the way the organ is mixed to the fore and the fuzz sound works very well and the vocals are highly hypnotic. This is a totally excellent song that takes you into a trance! "The Terrascrew" begins with a frightening mellotron thing and psychedelic samples, and then the killer 60`s/70`s acid rock groove kicks in. This track has tight playing and is danceable. This could well be Liquid Visions. Then we float in an airy 5/4 time with the track "Ridin´". Very pleasant and catching stuff. There`s just the perfect amount of UFO sounds and effects. Towards the end we get into the hypnotic quality of the original kraut rock. A truly magnificent track. The A side of the vinyl (thanks Hans-Georg!) finishes with "Go!" that is a bit Gong-like, delay guitar based, hypnotic and mesmerising track that has a nice, bit jazzy touch. The drums work like crazy! The B side begins in a peaceful and acoustic spirit. "The Night After" is the title of the track. Deep, folky floating and a totally excellent track this one too. The track grows slowly into superb and sad, hypnotic jam that has mind-expanding whispering. The guitars play also backward in the end. The shorter "Pay fro Freedom" is a funny, rapid and wacky song that has a very cheerful feel. Very good! "Daydreams", on the other hand, is a laid-back, melancholic, pretty and 60`s styled ballad. Great, soft vocals and the mellotron consummate the unbelievable atmosphere. The album`s last track "Emmerting Spring" is an ambient landscape spiced with bird-song and it crowns the perfect masterpiece and leaves the listener in a pleasant, relaxed haze. If you`re only going to buy one psych album this year, it could well be this one.
Reviewed by Dj Astro for PsychotropicZone

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Colour Haze - 2004 - Colour Haze

photos, band history and cover included!
track list:

1. Mountain 6:37
2. Tao Nr 43 5:27
3. Did êl It 2:19
4. Love 9:19
5. Solitude 3:42
6. Peace, Brothers and Sisters! 22:08
7. Flowers 7:20

The last album from this German-based trio from Munich received worldwide the best responses, and it really deserved it. Musicwise COLOUR HAZE now have developed into a force to be reckoned with as far as free-floating heavy psych music is concerned. The new album demonstrates the principle of the forerunner "Los Sounds De Krauts" with a much stronger effect. The song-writing is complex and professional and the sound here on the new album is tight, balanced and quite sharp in places, while Stefan's vocals are sounding better than ever before."Mountain" opens the album and is a groove-driven cut that starts quiet with a throbbing rhythm and explodes into colour towards the end. On the other end of the scale "Did él it" is an explosive energy ride over peals of distorted guitar, whilst "Solitude" (with additional e-piano) and "Flowers" are quiter relaxed and reflective pieces. The longest track here is the epic "Peace, Brothers & Sisters!" with a running time of 22+ minutes. A mindblowing assault of liquid, sometimes heavy psyched-out guitar parts envelops extreme dynamics between quiet and loud, and backs it up with trippy sound f/x done by an analogue synth. The quieter moments are full of depth and sensual emotions (like every quiet part on this album!) and can only be described as gorgeously. The entire album is full of incredible guitar work that ranges from soulful heaviness to avant-like playing, backed by a virtuous and skillful rhythm section. There's a few bands I know that can handle the achievments of heavy psych as naturally and dexterously as COLOUR HAZE. So be it. Recommended to people with taste!
My opinion: Excellent album which is just a pleasure to listen to, Peace, Brothers&Sisters just blew me away!!! Like Liquid Visions also one of my favourite contemporary psychedelic bands. If you haven't listened to it yet, do it now! They have a webpage which requires macromedias flashplayer plugin >>> homepage

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Liquid Visions - 1999 - Overstellar Interdrive 7"

track list:

1. Overstellar Interdrive 5:54
2. Hazy Lady 2:14 (different version than the one on their st album)
3. Room Sixteen 3:24

line-up: (forgot to provide it in my first post below!)

Hans-Peter Ringholz - guitar, vocals
Kiryk Drewinski - guitar, vocals
Dave Schmidt - bass
Chris Schwartzkinsky - drums
Katja Wolf - theremin, dance performance

This 7 inch EP is limited to 500 copies! It is sold out now but here you can get at least the mp3s which have an excellent bitrate (@320!) except for hazy lady which has 256. Overstellar Interdrive is ovbiously in the style of Pink Floyd's interstellar overdrive and you can hear that. Distinct is the awesome bass and the guitar work is just excellent. Indeed a top notch track! Hazy Lady can also be heard on Liquid Vision's self-titled album which was released in 1998. I like this version better tho, but that's certainly a matter of taste. Anyway, this one is faster. The track is a clear tribute to Jimi Hendrix and has turned out well imo.
Room Sixteen reminded me of the Ventures and is also a nice track, i can just repeat how i like the bass, but actually i can't listen to that kind of music very long cos i miss the lyrics. That's what i discovered when i listend to the ventures for the very first time, too. I provided a liquid visions picture collection for you :-). Coming more by this band soon! Have a nice day! By Timospsychedelicious

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Liquid Visions - 2002 - Hypnotized

We are in the land of hallucinogenic mushrooms and psychedelia. Liquid Visions started in december 1994. They come from Berlin. Their first concerts were in may 95, the line-up did change a lot at this time. From February 1998 up to 2004 they played in the same line-up. Concert highlights were the open-air in Prague and Hanfparade in 1999 and 2000 as well as the Swamp Room Happening in 99&2000.

They disbanded in 2004 and the band members are now either in Zone Six or Weltraumstaunen or having a baby break (at least the female dancer Kat).

Here is a preview i found on the internet:
From Aural Innovations no.20, July 2002.
Wow... that is all I can say to start. This is the first CD release by the German psychedelic rock band from Berlin in three years. Their other releases have been on vinyl only and either cover songs or long freakout jams. This also features quite a new line up of the band from the previous recorded material. The digipack CD has great psychedelic artwork and contains a picture of the band and all the lyrics.

"State Of Mind" starts the CD and stays in the traditon of the band in that they successfully create good melodies and a 60's music vibe while retaining a more modern sound. Some great freakout guitar and studio effects. Clearly, the first two songs are targeted for a broader listening audience as they are in the 5 minute range, while all the rest of the songs on the CD are 7 to 15 minutes long. This is a great CD and for sure the best thing the band has ever recorded. Strong songs with good melodies but still plenty of psychedelia for the fans and some really experimental stuff at times as well. I was really taken by the almost heavy metal guitar riff in Paralyzed at the end. Great spaced out song. One of the best psychdelic CDs of the year for sure!
Scott Heller

What is left for me to say is that i really regret that they disbanded cos they are actually one of my favourite contemporary psychedelic bands. When i listen to Zone Six i cant link anything with LIQUID VISIONS and when i listen to WELTRAUMSTAUNEN i must say that they are definitely better than Zone Six but by far not as good as Liquid Visions. Liquid Visions are far more original! Well, at least The Lost Recordings come out, supposedly in spring 2006 (!), at least that's what their homepage says...>>>Lost Recordings 1998-2000! I am looking forward to it. I hope you too!
their homepage

track list:

1. State Of Mind 4:55
2. Waste 4:41
3. Butterflight 7:44
4. Believe 6:49
5. Morning Rain 10:07
6. Paralyzed 15:13

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Fantasyy Factoryy - 2000 - Dreams Never Sleep
The music of Fantasyy Factoryy is deeply rooted in the sound of the 60s/70s psychedelic Underground scene. It´s handmade – it sounds original – it´s exciting. Fantasyy Factoryy have developped their own style, although it is possible to hear traces of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd and even Jethro Tull. Genuine, but without denying the history of Rock music. The classical three-piece line up enables the musicians to display as many different atmospheres as possible. Guitar-dominated, but with a lot of improvisational interplay between the members, their soundscapes show that they reached their aim, which is to transfer positive aspects of the music of the past into the present. (homepage)

13 tracks, small and big cover included, 192 kbit/s, 100 mb,

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Jane - 1974 - Jane III (Excellent Krautrock)
One thing you can never accuse JANE of and that is of having a different lineup on many of their albums. "Jane III", IMHO is a horribly overlooked album that takes the rawness of their debut album “Together” and mixes it with a slightly more guitar rock aura creating a great album full of psych acid guitar and dark melodies. I personally love this album from start to finish and like its rawness and deep driving progressive jams. Without a question this album will equally appeal to lovers of 70’s guitar rock as it does those slightly more progressively inclined. This is a great album to turn up loud and let the speakers do the talking and represents another great album having been produced by no one other than Conny Plank.

9 tracks, ca. 50mb, 160 kbits/s (excellent sound, no worries ;)), oh...
here's your
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